Issues styling form input text


I am trying to style the color input text on some search and contact forms on my site. I am following the instructions described here, but my experience differs from the instructions.

Specifically, when I toggle preview mode again to return to the Designer, the sample text is no longer visible in the input field.

In general, I am unable to access the form’s input appearance to style that.

Thoughts? Is this a known issue? If so what are the recommended circumventions?

Thank you!

Hi @AndrewAt,

Welcome to the forum!

This appears to no longer work in the new UI, you can still style the input text and then preview it like so:

Hope this is a helpful workaround for you!

That worked! Well, eventually worked. So I was confused initially because the color of the text for the input field was configured correctly in designer, but not showing that color in preview.

I tried resetting the color (back to the same value) and then it worked as expected in preview.

Feels like a bug maybe? Or expected behavior according to some rules that I don’t understand?