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Issues page linking and scrolling in Designer Mode

Hello everyone,
I’m new to webflow and have gotten pretty far building a 30+ page website. However I’m having some issues with scrolling in Designer mode. It will go to the element in the page when I click on the sections on the left navigator panel, but I can’t actually scroll. This is becoming an issue now that we are into the proofing portion of this project and the site has a fairly large amount of content on each page.

Also, when I’m trying to set up my link boxes and have them link to other pages within the site the menu only shows about the first 8 pages or so and I can’t scroll down to the other pages I actually need to link the element to.

Can anyone help? I am using Google chrome on a mac book pro, however the problem is even worse for the team member who is working off of a windows computer.

My site link is:

Thank you in advance.