Issues having my site float center of the browser


All help is appreciated. I am simply tired at this point trying to figure this out. I probably should’ve come here earlier but I kept trying to read forum and find something that worked. Everything I’ve tried has got me here.

Please save me.



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Zach,

Happy to help! To clarify- are you looking to center all of content on the page?

Yes! I just want it all to be centered all the time no matter the size of the browser window!

Edit: But within the 1200px max width mark. Ive tried to implement a standard 10% padding on each view too (Desktop/mobile)

Gotcha, thanks!

So the quick fix is to remove the 10% position settings on the relative position of the content. But I would say best practice on this would be to remove all the positioning and padding styling on the content element, and instead create a “page-wrapper” div with auto margin on the left and right, and a max width of 1200px, then put all the page content in there. Here’s a quick video to show you what I mean

hope that helps!

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You are an absolute legend. Thank you for taking the time to screen record and really break it down for me. Let me know your cash app or link so I can send you $5 for a coffee!

Thanks again!