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Hello, really nice interface and easy way to make my website, congratulations.

i have a little issue, my website is about my video work, and i put an interaction on a button wich makes a top bar come from above the screen to show a video. The problem is that when i click the close buttons, it closes the video BUT the audio keeps playing in the background, i dont see any place where i could put a special code for this button to stop playing the video audio when i close it. i hope you get what im trying to explain, here is the website:

Click on DEMO REEL button and play the video, then hit the close button to see what happens.

Cheers, thank you.

Hi @David_Di_Pasquale, in order to stop the video from playing when the modal window closes, you are going to need to a modal controlled using jquery instead of an interaction. That would be my first suggestion. The interactions will set the css to display or hide the modal window, and set opacity, but does not control the video itself, thus the need for a little jquery.

Here is a topic on creating a modal window that you open and close using a little jquery:

and here is a topic that talks about stopping the video when the modal is closed:

If you get stuck making this, let me know and I am happy to help further.

Cheers, Dave

Thanks, you saved my life, i will definetly try it out…

Hi @David_Di_Pasquale, there is another option, I was taking a closer look how you have that setup, and maybe a lightbox might work? Check out a test page I made with a lightbox and your video

Would something like that work? Using the built in lightbox, the close button also stops the video. You can set the thumbnail image to whatever you want :slight_smile: Cheers,Dave

I will try it right now, kind of tricky for me since im pretty new with webflow, thank you very much

Hi @David_Di_Pasquale, here is a lightbox tutorial:

Hopefully that should help :slight_smile: Let me know :smile: A lightbox is very easy compared to building a modal. There are times you need a modal, such as if you want to put other content in the modal, in addition to the video. but if you just want to show the video, then the lightbox would work. :smile:

Cheers, Dave

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