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Issue with the width/exstra spacing on the right

Hey there,

I´m having troubles removing the extra width which appears when my site is published. This is my first webflow site, so don´t understand where it is coming from or how to change it.

Heres my sharing link:

Ann Sylvia

Hi @Annsylvia welcome to the forum.

This is called “overflow” and is caused when an element is bigger than the current screen width (viewport). In this case the footer is too large for the smaller screen sizes. You can use the “x-ray mode” to find the overflowing elements. Check out the screen recording.

You can use percentages on elements to avoid this from happening. 100% width will keep it from overflowing.


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! That solves it :heart_eyes:

Hope you’re having a great day!

tir. 23. feb. 2021 kl. 12:18 skrev Lykad studios via Forum | Webflow <>:

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Great! Happy to help.

Feel free to press the “solution” button when a reply resolves your issue. This keeps the forum rolling and organized🤩

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Okey, I might have gotten overexcited :joy: I tried changing all the ones that seemed to overflow, but it didn´t solve the issue. Can it be this part that messes it up:

I bought a template as the foundation for my site, so have no idea why the background video keeps on popping up further down the site in the margins. Might be why the sides are so big? Tried giving everything a max width of 100%, but didn´t change anything. :upside_down_face:

So what I could find is that there are a couple of responsiveness issues in the layout. Mostly in the “grid 4”

I go through the overflowing contents in the gif below

So I´ve gone through the overflow multiple times now to doublecheck and I think it is fine now. It´s at least no longer possible to drag the content over to the sides anymore in x-ray mode. But when I preview the site, it is unfortunately still possible :sob: Sorry for the trouble! Any other suggestions? :pray: