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Issue with tabs

On my hompage ( ), for some strange reason the tab pane content for the first tab duplicates itself for the second tab. I am able to add new content but the duplicated content remains. The same happens if I add a third tab.

That does sound odd. Would you mind posting your public link again.

Here is how to do it if you need a refresher.

You mean doesn;t work?

Sorry, wanted to help but can’t. Disable public link and enable it again. Post it here. Instructions were given by @Davidn post above :)

Ok, here’s the new one:

I didn’t know public links had the habit of dying from time to time :))

Hi @uzzer,

I took a look at your project. I fixed it by removing the style from your tab panes 'boxes tab pane" and then used the margins of the “homepage tab content” style to position the tab panes.

I hope this helps.

The problem remains the same, only difference is that all margins are аbsent and it’s all so dense…