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Issue with styling classes disappearing and making the page look broken :(

Classes added to page elements are disappearing and no longer available in the selector. Sometimes when I log back in they reappear sometimes but not always.

I’d use the rich text block but the spacing isn’t great on that.

@kmagee123, can you give some specific examples of which classes are disappearing and which page elements they’re assigned to?

Example ‘About page - heading 2’ 'Inline careers CTA - section)

The styling disappears from everything on the page (headings, paragraphs, sections etc) and then might randomly reappear 2 hrs later.

Thank you for sharing that example. I’m not sure what’s going on there.

Since that site’s based on a template, you can reach out to the template creator directly if you haven’t already – I believe that’s @Rebecca_Lowe. You can also drop a comment on the template page here:

Thanks @blakelam

Hey @kmagee123 !

This is so odd and I’m not exactly sure why it’s happening. I do see that you have accumulated A LOT of unused classes though…This could possibly we effecting something.

Please clean up your unused classes in the Style Manager:

Restore template instructions:,restore%20to%20a%20previous%20version.


Hi Rebecca

Thanks for drawing my attention to the style manager. I will definitely clean this up.
I hadn’t actually realised you can preview the original template at any time from the backups section. I had been hesitant to delete any components and was copy and pasting them all over the place so there was a reference. Lesson learned.

Been trying to create a product detail page recently that has accordions which contain lightboxes at the top. Unfortunately despite the CMS having 4 x multi-image fields I cannot get the dynamic content settings to allow me to attach the 2nd 3rd and 4th accordion lightboxes to the relevant multi-image field. Any ideas why it is only showing one of the 4 multi-image fields?

Actually. Ignore that last message. I just found a way to do it.

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