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Issue with Slider gestures

Hi folks,

I have an issue with Webflow slider’s gestures. On iPad and iPad pro the gestures don’t work really well, when I try to swipe from around the center it doesn’t slide at all. And it seems like there’s some slight delay during which you can’t slide either.

On mobile, it’s more or less alright, but on iPad and iPad pro it’s noticeable and I can’t leave it as is.
Is there any solution to this issue?

Here’s a short video recording of the issue - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

I’d appreciate any help, thanks!

There is. Use a better designed slider that does not have the issues until Webflow fixes/updates theirs. Lots of people make use of Flickity, SwiperJS, and Splide on Webflow sites. There are tuts for each in the forum.

thanks for the suggestion)