Issue with responsiveness and an certain div block

Thanks Karl, the issue has been fixed.



Hi @Thomas_92,

First, I’ll give you a quick fix on how to achieve this:

Drag your clients div block into your section capabilites. section capabilites gets height: auto;
Select your clients div block set it to position: relative; and give a new position with ZZZ pixels from top (e.g. 250 to have it centered)

Setting it to position relative and giving it +250px will display this div 250px away from where it is supposed to be. Meaning you now need to select all the sections below your relative positioned div and also give it position: relative; with ZZZ px (same px as you used for your clients div block, in my case 250px).

This will offset every section by 250px and everything will look nice and clean on every resolution.

Second, I would highly recommend that you built your website in a way that honours the intended use of the CSS box model. Otherwise you will constantly face problems, especially when optimising for smaller devices.

Take it or leave it, it is your website :wink:


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