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Issue with navbar menu

Hey guys, for some reason my sites navbar shows the desktop version, rather than the mobile dropdown version, specifically when viewing on mobile devices. When looking at the site under everything is normal, including the navbar, but when I export the site to bluehost, the mobile navbar doesn’t show! Help me out?

Hey there. In order to help we will need your

  • webflow address (the one you provided returns a 404 not found error)
  • bluehost address
  • share link

Also, make sure you have indeed selected to display the mobile menu on tablet and below in the settings tab in the designer for your navbar.

Whoops, forgot the dash.

The mobile navbar works on the first link, but not on the second.

Hey again, it appears to be fine on both versions for me…
Can you screenshot what is happening on the .com version?

This is what I am seeing:

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