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Issue with Navbar menu on Mobile Phone

The menu container for the Navbar crops off menu link contents.

Please my public link:,

Please check on mobile phone:

It does the same on phone and computer.

The two upper elements of your drop down menu are set to height 100% that means 100% of the height of the parent that have a determined height, that means 100% of the height of the body. The body is set to height 100% as well. So the size of the menu is 100% height of the browser. Remove the three properties and your menu won’t be cropped anymore.

I love the bottle button on the menu (:

Thanks Vincent, gotcha. Fixed. Working fine. I really appreciate your feedback on the bottle. What is your overall feedback?

Cool site! Very vibrant.
The menu font is a bit difficult to read, a bit too thin. All the rest of the site is clear and distinct, bold.
Nice work with the double menu on desktop that turn single menu on devices