Issue with my custom js and my hamburger and sider

Hi, i am currently unable to access the hamburger menu to edit it, and the slider also. The sliders, the issue is materialised for all the breakpoints, and for the hamburgers, the issue is on the breakpoint others than desktop.

So my question is : does anyone has an idea on how access the hamburger and the sliders content to edit the text ?

Thanks, i am struggling a lot for the past few days, and all my research led me to no applicable solution.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - What Stack

You have two menu’s. One for desktop and one for smaller devices. If you did not build this site and are using a template you could reach out to the person who did for assistance.

Thanks for the reply. Seems like i am not the first to ask, but no answer given. Have an idea ?

You can find the other menu in the navigator and inspect the interactions applied to understand what elements make up the implementation. What did the template designer say?

Not any instructions : cyboro - Webflow
I have tried many things, but i have been unable to solve my issue.
I think that there is something with the custom JS

I have made you a loom video : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Here is where the mobile menu is and how to manipulate it …

Do yourself a favor and build from scratch or buy a template with support. This one is a mess.

Thank you it works !

Have an idea for the slider ?

Sorry did not have time. If the issue is in the designer, it is not related to custom code since that does not render there.