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Issue with modal


I’ve been working with modals for a while with some success, I’ve now turned my head to a guide and I’ve almost got it! Here’s the issue on vimeo

First I had a restriction on affecting only sibling elements as the guide suggested but this didn’t display the modal correctly, it would leave the modal-container to display:none instead of block. Now it does this flickering based on the interaction. I’m missing something…

Here is my public share link: LINK

@vannygee upon further inspection it looks like you have the Open Modal interaction on your Modal Container element which shouldn’t have any interactions on it:

Then on your button the Open Modal interaction should have a 0% opacity and no timing on that first step (you have 500ms on your transform):

Then on your close interaction, uncheck the “limit to sibling elements” box as the close button is not a sibling but instead a child to your modal element:

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