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Issue with mobile version hero buttons and load times

Hi there,

Please see for details on mobile version, landscape or portrait.

The buttons appear perfect in design mode, but on mobile, the buttons overlap and when you scroll down a little, the buttons look just fine…

Never had this issue before with hero buttons, so not sure why I’m having such an issue this time.

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey @Daniel_Kempe,

That is one killer website design :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you share your read-only link please?


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Thank you! I think this is the one :slight_smile:

Also, on mobile, it won’t even load now at all, it gives an error - "A problem repeatedly occured on “”.

Hey @Daniel_Kempe,

Is this resolved or ongoing? I still can’t access the read-only link.


No, it’s still not working on mobile. It doesn’t even load sometimes and just gives an error. The read-only link is above and below:

Any ideas? I’m hoping to launch the new app soon, so need this website up and working asap! Thanks.

Hi @Daniel_Kempe

Thanks for getting in touch. Can you please make sure that the Share link is on ( and that the website is published.

Both links you provided are returning a 404 error.

Ok, I’m sure I did that. New link below:


Hi @Daniel_Kempe

Looks like there’s a float: left set up on the hero button which is making the buttons overlap.

Here’s an animation showing how it can be fixed:

Setting float: none should fix the problem.

​Hope this is helpful.

Ok, I’ve done that, but the site will still not load on mobile, chrome or safari.

Hi @Daniel_Kempe

It’s loading fine for me:

What device(s) are you using?
Are you still getting the error message you mentioned above?

Yes, using iPhone 7 plus on chrome and safari. It tries to load, but gives that error above on safari, and Awww snap on Chrome.

Also, the screenshot above you uploading, the button is a different size…

Ok, now it’s loading fine, weird! Will try and sort the button now. Thanks for all your help.

Glad to hear it’s working.

Good luck with the button and your project!

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Thanks, not sure why the button is a different size… looks fine in design view.

Please see attached screenshots. The button is wrong when first loaded, but if you scroll a little, the buttons are perfect again. Why is this happening?

Hey @Daniel_Kempe,

I couldn’t reproduce this in my browser. Although, the ‘Learn More’ button has a width of 220px compared to the green button with 100% width.

Keep us updated.


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