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Issue with Microsoft edge browser

My website doesn’t appear as it should for Microsoft-Edge Users. On one page, the picture don’t show up at all! Anybody having this issue?
Thanks for helping.

What version of edge are you using?

version 44.18362.449.0

I usually use Opera or Chrome. A friend of mine alerted me, I don’t know what version she’s using. I tested it on my version of edge, and get the same problem.

I mispelled saying “picture” in singular form. My page has 8 pictures which don’t show up.

I’ve got a “layered” picture on text. On hovering, the pictures disappear and reveal the pictures’ id.

Hope you can solve this.

thanks a million.

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Here’s the shared link to the project:
trouble with Edge Browser

(I am NOT a programmer, I cloned the model from WebFlow’s Cloneable. The model is made by:
I asked them for help and got no feedback)
This is the Custom Code for the page:

.member_overlay { transition: -webkit-clip-path .4s ease-in; transition: clip-path .4s ease-in; transition: clip-path .4s ease-in,-webkit-clip-path .4s ease-in; -webkit-clip-path: circle(0 at 50% 50%); clip-path: circle(0 at 50% 50%); } .member:hover .member_overlay { -webkit-clip-path: circle(100% at 50% 50%); clip-path: circle(100% at 50% 50%); }

I’m having the same issue with one of my clients. Site will not load on Edge but all other browsers work fine.