Issue with lines in Paragraph Text

Not sure why I’m fumbling here but I have this issue where their is a white line under the paragraph text here. I’ve got a DIV here with a simple Paragraph Element.

I can’t seem to change the style on this. Can anyone help me see what I could be doing wrong?


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Hi @Christopher_Rivers,

I would be happy to help :webflow_heart:

Could you provide your Webflow share link, and I’ll take a look: Share a read-only link | Webflow University


It would be here that I’m struggling with this.

Oh, thanks @Christopher_Rivers.

This is a good question - the underline text decoration is being applied by the Link Block. The Link Block style overrides the text decoration styles.

To complete the change you can remove the text decoration from the Link Block element.

The following video shows the steps I took to complete the update:

Hopefully this helps :blush:

Best regards,

Brilliant! Brain fart indeed. Thanks for helping me out! You guys are awesome.


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