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Issue with layout design - different than template

In this templates NavBar & Div block looks like this:

I used all settings like in that templates, but its looks very bad & not like in that template (see the link):

Hi @Alexandr_Santis, thanks for your post, I am sorry to hear about the issue. Can you also post a screenshot, showing the area that is not showing correctly?

Things will go much faster if people do not need to hunt for the things that are not looking correctly :wink:


look in border on “One” & on border on “Two”

Hi @Alexandr_Santis, thanks for the update. One difference I see, is that in the template, there is a 329px left padding on the original template (picture one).

On the site with picture #2, there is no left padding set. When I add the 329px left margin, some logo icon is shown in the header.

Is that what you are trying to achieve?


OOOOh!!! In the Body!!! I am sorry? I dont see this!!! Thank You!!!

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