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Issue with items in Nav Bar getting push on scroll (small mobile only)

Hello! I’m semi-new to Webflow and in the midst of designing my first full-blown site with this app.

Most everything was going along well, until I started styling for different devices. Long story short, can someone tell me what’s happening with this?

When on Tablet or lower screen size, the menu icon in the nav bar shifts to the left upon scroll. I can’t see or figure out why. I’m sure it’s something with how I set this up or possibly a bug, but I can’t see what is making things shift when the scroll comes to a certain spot. It happens right before scrolling to the GET STARTED button (which is also a Symbol).

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

This was a complete non-issue. It was something in the section below the nav bar that was pushing the images apart. I deleted and recreated the hero section with a bit better design and it resolved the pushing issue.