Issue with Interaction on Menu

I have created a site and the menu MOSTLY works. The only issue I have is I have interactions that show/hide the mobile menu when on mobile and that works. The problem is it also hides the menu on the desktop version. I have tried numerous things but this is killing me.

Here is my public share link:

Welcome @Shannon_DeWitt :wave:

I’m a little confused, on mobile you want to display the desktop menu AND the mobile menu, but on desktop you only want to display the desktop menu?

Flipping through breakpoints it’s currently working as I’d expect it. On desktop, the desktop menu displays. On mobile, the desktop menu is hidden and the mobile hamburger menu displays.

Beyond that, on mouse tap (desktop menu) you are literally hiding the menu with your interaction:

If I remove that interaction, it fixed the hidden menu on mouse tap, if that’s what you’re referring to as you problem.

Not really clear what you’re asking, otherwise.

@ChrisDrit It’s odd. The link above appears to work but WHEN PUBLISHED I see the issue.

The DESKTOP MENU disappears after you click on the items. Use link below click on trailer or features. It is the published version

Yea, that makes sense. Review the first screenshot I posted. You’re hiding the menu on click. Remove it and all is fixed :smile:

@ChrisDrit your are correct it fixed the desktop but messes up the mobile so that the menu no longer disappears on click. I am not sure how to assign it only for one or the other.

I also republished so you can see.

Thanks for you help.

Anyone? This is really I have left to finish out the project and it seems like it should be simple.

When you use a navbar element, the mobile menu that pops open will close when you click the link. I see you’ve created a component out of it but that has never changed how it works for me.

I’m still confused why you’d want an interaction attached to this.

You haven’t said why that’s needed and the interaction I’ve looked at doesn’t give me any clues.

My original suggestion stands. Remove the interaction.

If you have a default navbar with no interaction and the mobile menu still doesn’t close, something else is going on.