Issue with image sizing between screen resoloutions


I am having major issues with resizing images on different screen sizes like phones and tablets. I understand that from the laptop screen size the rest of the resolutions copy from screen size, but compared to the screen on the laptop to the screen on the phone there is massive difference in size and when I try and resize an image to the way I want, it alters the other screens for example laptop, Imac etc…

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is driving me nuts.

welcome to the forum @Cameron_Kitson . You haven’t set a width for the image in the desktop view. If an element doesn’t have a value defined on desktop and it does in tablet/mobile, the value of the smaller screen will be applied to the larger breakpoint too. It’s also best practice to apply a width to all your images, regardless of whether they need it. Otherwise they will start to move or behave funny in other ways (shrink, grow bigger) on publish.

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Hi @sarahfrison, I have just been playing around with the width that you said for me to look into and I think I have solved the problem, I tried to measure the width in pixels but it kept giving me a static width so I changed it to percentage and that has worked fine.

Thank you very much for your help, much appreciated when I have just started to learn.

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@Cameron_Kitson perfect, great to hear it’s worked for you :slight_smile: