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Issue with hover


@webflow could you please take a look at home page and investigate why the watch video button (blue video section) doesn’t work properly on hover using the trigger interaction.

Looks like we have a bug :bug:

Thanks in advance!


On hover-in you have a change on size, but in hover-out you have a change on position to origin. Try changing that so it’s size to origin.

Hey Francisco,

Thank you for your reply. Sorry, but I don’t understand what you meant :neutral_face: Could you please explain your suggestion in details.

Thank you.

You have Move to Origin instead of Scale to Origin in your Interaction Hover Out step. Check the gif below to see how it can be fixed :slight_smile:

I meant exactly what @bart said :slight_smile:

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Thank you, guys! Looks like I did so by mistake. Sorry :slight_smile: But, what about easing ? Or I’m doing something wrong or it doesn’t work at all :eyeglasses:

@webflow any news about an issue with easing ?

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