Issue with Foxy Cart - help required

I have just signed up to @foxy. I have configured what I believe is the correct configurations but cannot get the site to work and a big message comes up to say not working. I have tried on forum and called USA from UK twice and no reply. I appreciate you guys must be busy but you make it sound like there is easily accesible support and I am finding the opposite. I really need your help.


I’m sure that Josh from @foxy can help you out.

Yeah everyone keeps saying that and I sincerely appreciate it - but this is really time sensitive and I thought I might get to either speak to someone on the phone (called twice and arranged a call back), Chat support is offline and forum no replies. I have now pinged @foxy within this forum hoping to get an answer.

Have you double checked your configuration in foxy? The error message seems to say that something is not configured.

Yes I did but this is all I can see is wrong ‘Default Category’ and I am not sure how to make one of the two categories as my default.


I think you need one of your categories to have this category code DEFAULT

OK that’s brilliant and works. Next problem is when the side panel slides open, after a few seconds the whole page refreshes, with target _self. If you pretend to buy a ticket (Use Kate Mura event) you will see what I mean.

Yeah I see. Can you please share your read-only link?

Everything seems to be well configured… I think you’ll need to wait for @foxy on this one since I can’t find what’s wrong with this.

I think I have worked this out. I have a time delay code in the footer attached to foxy button class. I have taken that off and doesn’t do it anymore, but doesn’t slide the foxy panel out from the side either! Working on it - but thanks for your immense help

Awesome! Glad I could help :webflow_heart:

Sorry for the issues you experienced. Looks like there was a bug with the default category, but I think you and Marija got things worked out. Let us know if you’re still experiencing issues and we’ll jump right on it.


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Just wondering if there are missing features in Webflow’s native Ecommerce that led you to the Foxy integration? Or other factors?

@brryant - I didn’t go with Foxy either in the end. I was looking for an online ticket sales functionality. I stupidly thought that a downloadable product would include online tickets however I soon realised each ticket would need to be unique, with it’ own serial number or QR code. This functionality was not available with Foxy and I ended up going with which is quite frankly brilliant for this type of purpose.

I have not had to opportunity to use Webflow’s eCommerce functionality as yet but I would jump at if the costs were viable and more functionality was available.

@BUMPandHUSTLE Really glad you found a solution that worked for you.

For anyone else needing help with ticket sales, Foxy can help. Just let us know.