Issue with form not submitting

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem with a form that isn’t submitting on our site.
It’s to apply for jobs. Form includes, name and email field and an upload for résumé.

Here is where the form is:

It’s in the CMS pages - Current vacancies

All of the fields should be named correctly and I’ve set up where the submission should be sent to in site settings.

Read only:


Would really appreciate anyones help with this one.

Thanks and merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

what bout using post method instead get ?

Hey Anthony,

Just tried that and published, nothing happens when you click the submit button still.

you might want to use single id for your submit button because you also have a footer form whith a custom callback that fires on click with the same id as your first form. Give it a try, might help.
Also, not sure what kind of xml httprequest you’re making, make sure to use the right header in the whatever script you’re using to allow Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) from your webflow website.

Hey Anthony,

Thanks for having a look into it, I will give that a try :+1:t2:

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