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Issue with form and transitions which scroll the page to the top

Hey there,

I’m hoping someone could help me with an issue I am having when my Contact form (bottom of page) transitions from hide to show, while using the size transition.

What happens is the page view automatically scrolls to the top of the page, effectively having you to scroll back to the bottom of the page to view the form.

I would like the page view to stay at the bottom and have the form stay in view.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.



“Published” site shows the issue better:
Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance.

I ended up solving my issue.

Having the page load trigger to activate the expanding form was scrolling the page to the top. I removed the page load transition on the form container, changed the form container to display none and height of 0, then updated the ‘open menu’ button transition to trigger the form.

It should be viewable on the landing page of my site in my initial issue log.

I hope this helps someone.