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Issue with editing text in text blocks requiring scrolling

I experience an issue with scrolling down inside text blocks. After double clicking, the system would not allow me to scroll down and I have to move down with the arrow keys. Upon selection text, the tools menu containing bolds, italics, etc does appear near the text selection but on top of the text block.

As a result editing a long portion of text which requires scrolling becomes virtually impossible.

Also, sometimes, text in a tab pane becomes invisible (but reappears after refresh).

This happens both on Mac and PC.

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

I must note that this happens in editing mode and now I can notice that the issue is appearing in any text block, on any page, not only vertical tab panes.

Did you try to reboot? You should try to reboot first.

tried refreshing the browser, then tried logging out, deleteing the cache and logging again

Reboot or change user session to a new one but I’d say reboot first. I have browser issues here that only a reboot fixes. Like my hands cursors are disappearing, or I get the elevators all the time whatever the lenght of the page.

Just tried that, cleaned the cache again and the problem persists… :frowning:

Hi @uzzer, currently, the Text Block itself does not support innner scroll, like you might find in a rich text editor, so you would need to try to keep your text blocks with limited amount of text and create additional text blocks for larger overall text sections. This will change once we have a rich text editor, but for the moment, you will need to split your content up when using multiple text blocks if this is bothering you.

One thing too, the bold controls etc that appear when you double click on the text box will anchor to the top or the bottom of the text box, depending on what position in that text box you are editing. So if you are editing the text on the bottom of the text block, then the anchor for Bold etc appears anchored to the bottom of the text box, and if you are editing text near the top of the text box, the editing controls appear anchored to the top of the text box.

If you have 10 paragraphs of text in a single text block, and it becomes hard to work with, then for now, break it down to maybe 3 or 4 text blocks. This is the only way to do get around this until we have new updates that handle long texts in a better fashion. We are working on this though, so expect updates on this.

Cheers, Dave

Thanks, cyberdave! At least I am happy now that this is a limitation to the system and not a bug. Well, then I will be keeping thumbs crossed for making the rich text editor soon! :slight_smile:

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