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Issue with dropdown / navbar in exported angular site

I have a webflow design that I am using with angularjs on Chrome 39.

I have a navbar with a dropdown in it and the dropdown doesnt usually work until after I refresh a few times.

The error message in Chrome is:

It appears to me that the resize event for the navbar is occurring before the build() method is being called.

In the resize method the line:
var data = $.data(el, namespace);

returns null/undefined and so data.button throws an exception. I am wondering if this is somehow linked to requestAnimationFrame and its running resize before build for the nav bars.

Any fix for this would be appreciated.


Hi @mrunleaded, thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce the bug– based on your description.

Are you able to supply a link to the test site (perhaps via Private Message)? We’d need a little more information about how you are using Angular and webflow.js together to really understand what might be happening.