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Issue with Desktop Lottie Mouse over interaction

Published link:

Hey guys,

I’m new to Webflow so there may be a mistake on my part here, but it seems that Lottie animation mouse over interactions are behaving erratically for me.

On my “splash” page the “Show me more” button plays the Lottie animation on mouseover and returns to the initial frame as expected.

However, on my “under construction” page the Lottie animations disappear after completion. Seeming to have 0% opacity. I see no difference in the assets/interaction settings other than there is more than 1 Lottie on this page.

I’d like the Lottie animation to play only upon mouseover then return to frame 1. How do I achieve this? Is this a bug?

Thanks for your help!

**I’m noticing other issues with the animation interactions as some begin to play without a mouseover upon page load.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @mgarske, Was the Lottie animation removed? I could not find a Lottie animation on the “Under Construction” page within the read-only link.

Hey John,

I did remove them in the project and replaced them with SVG images from CMS. The published version of the site still contains the lottie files though.

Should I recreate the page in the builder?

Here’s one of the seemingly problematic lottie files for download:

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