Issue with CSS caching on external server for exported site

Hello Webflowers,

I am having trouble with an exported website.

I’m wondering if my issue is similar to the one posted here:

Here is my site in Webflow:

Here is the page where I’m having trouble on the exported site:

Here’s what it should look like:

This is a new issue since I started working on the “Our Work” page. Also, I checked the most recent image file names and I didn’t see any with the character " ’ ". What other characters are not allowed in image file names? What other issues should I be looking for?


To me, the 2 sites look identical

Well I’ll be darned.

Looks like it was a problem on the client side (me!) and some old files that didn’t refresh even when I forced a refresh.

Thanks for making this an easy problem to solve!

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