Issue with contact emails showing up in Form Submission Data

Hello everyone, I’ve been having a issue wth my site. I have a contact form on it where you can send a message to “contact me” It was working for a bit, but after a bit of testing I clean up the responses under the settings “Form Submission Data” section after this when ever I test the form now no messages get sent to the “Form Submission Data” under the settings nor to my email.

I am running under the free account tho I have not reached the max amount of emails (currently on 5/10 form submissions received)

Link to project:

Hey @andrew_salfinger,

Can you attach screenshots of the form options inside of your Webflow Project settings?


Here is a screenshot.

Tho I figured out what the issue may have been. Within the form I had a “Post” going to Mailchimp that would auto send a email to people when they contact me, when I removed the Mailchimp link and change the method back from “Post” to “Get” I can now get the email reposes and updates on the sites setting.

Is there away for the contact form to to send / post the repossess from the form to Webflow while also using Mailchimp to auto send a email to the person saying with got the email.

Thank you for your time.