Issue with columns in mobile landscape view + color profile

Hello Webflowers,

I have finished this tutorial ( and I realise there is a bug in my column which I can’t figure out if that’s because of text lenght or the column itself.

Basically I have these 4 columns wit breweries description, but once I switch to mobile phone landscape, one goes away.

Color profile

I tried to copy/paste the RGB values of Webflow in Illustrator but it did not worked. Do you know if there is away to make these 2 color profile work together?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Pass the row to flex for this breakpoint

On a side note, is it supposed to be a site for french speaking people? Because the automatic translation makes it, at best, difficult to understand, and in most of the cases it’s not at all understandable :slight_smile:

Hey Vincent,

Thanks a lot!

I was starting another tutorial in which the first lesson is about Flex box, but I did not made the connexion… somehow…

This website at the moment is a base onto which I will build this craft beer distributor brand’s page (and the whole content is wrong). I think it will be first in french, but it will be smart to have an english switch button somewhere. But that’s for later…

And concerning the translation we will do them ourselves with a native speaker.

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The flew fix is an easy fix, but you could also have fixed it differently, by reducing the width of column contents etc.

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