Issue with Click Trigger interaction and Soundcloud player

Hi all!

I’m having some issues with the Click Trigger interaction on my website (public share link below).

Intended Interaction:

  1. The default website should show the logos, social links, “img gif,” “caption text1,” and “Music btn.”

  2. When a user clicks on the “Music btn” (PLAY MUSIC), then I want the “sc div block,” which contains “html sc,” to appear on top of the “img gif” - seemingly replacing the img gif with the Soundcloud player.

  3. Clicking on the “Music btn” again should hide the “sc div block” and Soundcloud player, revealing the “img gif” again.

So far, I’ve made the Click Trigger and Hide interactions by following Webflow tutorial videos. When I preview my website, the “img gif” does disappear but the Soundcloud player is still hidden. I can click into the space where the Soundcloud player should be and it plays music but the player is hidden.

How can I hide/reveal the Soundcloud player on a click?

Here is my public share link:

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