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Issue with Chrome (mobile) address bar, interaction and fixed element

Hey guys!

I’ve got a specific issue with the Chrome browser (mobile) only. I tested it with different android browser (Mozilla and Samsung Internet browser) and they display the interaction correct.

As you will see in the public link: I placed fixed buttons (mobile landscape) at the bottom of my screen to navigate threw the members. If you scroll down there will be a certain point where the buttons switch from fixed to “normal”/static placed.
Only Chrome (mobile) let you scroll down a little more and then changes the status. This looks like the buttons jump up to the right place…it doesn’t looks nice. :confused:

I’ve already searched and experimented a little. I think the problem is the chrome address bar which hides while scrolling.

Are there any ideas to fix this specific issue? I mean if we would talk about mobile safari or opera, I wouldn’t mind, but most people use chrome or firefox in germany.

I hope you can help me. :pray:
Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: LINK
The page you have to look for is a dynamic template and called “Komplizen Template”
(You also have to look at the hosted page here to see the full working page.)

Ok, it seems to be impossible to solve the issue?! :thinking:
Maybe a @staff member can help?

Thanks in advance, again. ^^

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