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Issue with bottom z-layers showing up on scroll

This issue appears to be the most persistent on my iPad pro, an uncommon issue on desktop/laptop, and a complete non-issue on mobile.

When the website is scrolling on an iPad Pro, my footer section, which is a scroll to reveal footer, will pop up through the body section. It’s a glitch like issue where it will happen anywhere in the body (can’t pinpoint one area) and will go away within a second or two, or it may remain there until I scroll again. I’ve attached a few screenshots that demonstrate this.

This is the first website I’ve built in webflow and I’m a basic developer at best. I did utilize a template from the beginning but end up changing everything…

Please let me know if you see what may be causing this issue.

Here is my site Read-Only:

@Kettler_Thomas This is not an iPad issue. I can get the same effect here on my desktop. Its because of your sticky footer. I would hide it until the page end. Or you set it to relative.

Hi @Matthias,

Thanks so much. That was an easy fix.