Issue with all Fixed postion element


I’m stuck with a problem on all my fixed position elements, they don’t stay fixed on page.
I try to look at the animations, class, moving element, ect, but I can’t find why they behave like this!
I’ve got back to my backup but the animation only appear on live website and not on preview mode… And the issue is not coming from today, I can’t go back too far and lose my work.

The issue is happening on the 2 pages which need a scrolling action:
-A propos

The element class’ wich should be fixed on both pages are:

I’ve looking for solution on other topics about fixed position issue but all solution are different and I guess the solution here is specific as well!

Can you find the issue?



Here is my site Read-Only: [[LINK][1]](Webflow - Noiressence Portfolio)

The live website link : Offres

I think your code in body tag is causing some issue

Oh yes it was that, thank you!

But I don’t understand why, it was a smooth scroll and it worked well until this morning…

Hey Gordon !Will the problem be solved?

Yes it’s solved, thanks again!

your welcome Gordon2297