Issue with Adding/Duplicating Elements Within a Parent Container

I’m encountering a persistent issue with a template I’m working on in Webflow and need some assistance. The problem arises when I try to add or duplicate text elements within a specific parent container.

Issue Description: Whenever I attempt to drag a new text element into a parent container (which holds other text elements), the action is not permitted, and I’m unable to add the element. Additionally, when I try to duplicate one of the existing text elements (to create a new letter within the same parent container), the whole parent container duplicates instead of just the selected child element.

Here are the steps I’ve taken so far:

  1. Checked for any custom code or interactions that might be causing the issue and removed them for testing.
  2. Inspected the parent container’s settings for any restrictions, such as display settings, overflow, or specific flexbox/grid settings.
  3. Cleared my browser cache and tried using Webflow in a different browser.
  4. Attempted to duplicate an existing child element but faced the same issue.

What I Am Trying to Achieve: I need to add additional text elements (letters) to a hero banner, where each letter is a separate element, for an animation effect.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

I might be wrong here, but it looks like you are trying to add an image inside an H1 tag, or a text span. Sadly this is not possible as text elements can’t act as parents other divs or elements. One thing you could try is adding a background image to a text span, and playing with some padding/size adjustments to get it to display as you require.

Let me know if that helps!