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Issue wite the sitemap and google search consule

I’m submitting a sitemap to GoogleSearchConsole and it’s writing me back “301 error”
I checked again and again.
The site does not have 301 referrals that interfere (I checked and even without them there is still a problem)
I enclose relevant screenshots here
This is the link to the site:

Thanks in advance !

I am getting redirect errors on your site. Check / resolve DNS issues.

Thanks @webdev

I deleted and redefined the DNS exactly according to the official guide
I still haven’t solved the problem
Can you tell me which referral error you identify or alternatively suggest another idea?

I can’t see your project hosting settings so I can’t confirm if they are correct.

Double check this guide.

Make sure your WWW CNAME record is present and correct. If you can’t resolve the issue after checking / updating then I would suggest opening a trouble ticket.

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