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Issue where link blocks and links that are not set refresh the page

I have an odd bug where link blocks and links that do not have a destination page yet. Will refresh the page. Links that are linked to a specific page (or in-page link) do work correctly.

Anybody also experiencing this issue or know a solution?

Thanks in advance

Read only link:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It looks like starting recently the links are all created with # by default and if there is nothing in the address they will link to the page they are on. Looks like if a link had an interaction on it but no actual link address the page will not be refreshed (at least this is the case on my current project where I noticed this behaviour)

Hi @dram . Yeah just found this out as well. Looks like new links have #. Without it they link to them selves. Thanks for your reply mate!

Yep, some internal engine changes made a lot of panic among users. Hopefully WF will do something about this and fast.

Yeah lets hope so… more websites of mine are having problems at the moment :frowning:

Hi @martijnrunia and @dram

Yes, this we did some investigating on our end and it looks like this is an issue caused by a recent update that causes blank links to refresh the current page.

Our team was able to push a fix and any links with a blank href will no longer cause the current page to refresh.

​Can you please confirm this on your end by first republishing your affected project(s) then test the links?

​Thanks in advance :bowing_man:

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Hi @mistercreate, thanks a lot! Just republished all my sites and and it works. Now I can leave my house for a short weekend trip with a peace of mind ;)!

Thanks all!

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Oh, awesome! That’s great to hear!

Yes, peace of mind :peace_symbol:

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

I’m standing by to help further!

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