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Issue URL page!


I am reaching out as I am currently building a new page for an upcoming collection (holster key clips page). I cannot see updates under my Webflow subdomain. It seems that something is wrong with the URL link as it says “Page not found”. But I haven’t changed the URL link… Is someone can help me out, please?

Many thanks,

Is someone has encountered the same problem?

I’m guessing that it slipped your mind to Publish the site.

After any changes on Webflow we need to go to Publish > and click on Publish on Selected Domains Only then our changes are transferred to the live site.

Hi Abirana,

Thanks for your reply.

I published the site under the Webflow subdomain. I do not want to see my updates on the Drover club main domain as the collection is set to be launched not before February. Is there is another alternative?

Can you share the Webflow subdomain link? I’m curious :thinking:

Hey Abirana, I managed to resolve the issue Yesterday. Something was wrong with the URL but I changed it back to the old one and publish the site again under the webflow subdomain. One thing is weird, I did the same process before posting on the Webflow forum Yesterday, but it wasn’t working. Anyway, everything is fine now :slight_smile:

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