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Issue regarding background images from CMS collection

Hello guys,

I’ve cloned and edited the Isotope filters from this project:

My demo-site:

I’ve added a Collection-page to feature each individual post.

Issue 1 - EDIT: RESOLVED Now my issue is, I’ve added one more field in the CMS (a Post Body, see “Img1”), but I can’t select it in the Collection Page (See “Img2”)

Issue 2 - EDIT: NOT RESOLVED Furthermore, I’ve selected the ‘Post Image’ from the CMS as a background image for post thumbs, but it doesn’t show up as intented (img3). The placeholder svg lays on top of the bg-image.

Any suggestions how to solve this?

My project:


I resolved it.

Issue 1: The CMS content field was defined as a rich text field, hence I had to add a rich text field to my collections page to show the CMS content. Go figure :slight_smile:

Issue 2: I used a div with the background image instead of the image-element from the library. Go figure :slight_smile:

Rookie mistakes, but I’m getting the hang of it.