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Issue opening nav menu with mobile

ok, I’ve reached the pinnacle of my ability and cannot figure out how to fix this. My navigation menu will not open when clicking the menu icon in mobile screen settings. Or if it does open the dropdown menu is far, far down the page. Some troubleshooting would be mucho appreciated.

I’m leaving at the moment, but from a quick glance, I think you want to change the dropdown menu to and absolute positioning. I’ll look more when I get back.

Thanks for taking a look at it. that doesnt seem to fix it. but as it stands I will probably have to rebuild the menu from scratch since I don’t know what I am doing and it seems messed up beyond that. sometime on the published version if you resize the browser from large to small then when going back to large the menu disappears altogether, plus other styling issues to begin with. so probably the best bet is for me to start over with it and maybe second time around I’ll do a baetter job. :slight_smile: