Issue of copy feature

I have faced an issue of designing different elements of CMS pages. The issue is copy the text code when users clicling the “copy” on different CMS pages (so there are different text codes on multiple CMS pages).

How do I get this feature?
I have leaved blank on Value but it seemed to not work when clicking the copy.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Hi try clicking the purple dot and pick the CMS value that represents the code you’re trynna add.

Thanks for the help!
But I think that these functions will be activated after upgrading Finsweet.
Now, I don’t upgrade Finsweet so that any attributes used are invalid.
Maybe considering the utility, thanks!

Im pretty sure, you don’t have to update finsweet. Maybe you forgot to add the script code to the page?

I don’t need to pay finsweet? by using their attributes? I don’t get it.
And I don’t set any script code.

Hey, here on this page Attributes by Finsweet you can find all their solutions, when you open one, there should be a script code right at the top :] Hope that helps