ISSUE: Nesting Link within a paragraph


Perhaps this is an easy fix that I am missing. I am pretty green at Webflow. However, I cannot seem to nest link text in a paragraph. Each time I highlight text to add a link, the link formats to the next page. I’ve tried resetting the text box…

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much!

Hello @Whitney_Martin,

Somehow your links are set to Block instead of Inline. To fix it, select your blink link and on the class name select the All Links selector
Once you select the All Links selector change it to Inline
That should fix the new line or next page problem.

I hope this helps.

Ahhh thank you @Pablo_Cortes!!!

No problem @Whitney_Martin. If this solved your issue, do you mind marking it as solved. That way other people with the same problem could reference this conversation. Thank you.

Yep, all solved! Thanks so much!

Great @Whitney_Martin, Im glad I was able to help you. But to make the issue solved you have to mark it solved, it is probably one of the options that you have on your chat settings, something like this: