Issue in Photo visibility in home page

One photo on the right is only visible when I zoom out the page.

Can someone help me on how to fix this issue?

I am talking about this image

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Team_App_Rebuild

@Port_of_Folio - can you help me with this issue ?

Is it this -500px margin on the image?

Yes, I don’t want to show full image on page

Here’s a short video showing how I would change the construction of this section. Allows you to “crop” the right side of the image and will allow you to wrap the image below the text on smaller viewports.

Hi @Port_of_Folio . Thanks for taking time to make the video.

For some reason, Relative margin for “mockup” image is not working for me.

Can you check what I am missing here?

Here is the link:Webflow - Team_App_Rebuild


Looks like you need to reset all but the right position shift. “0” locks the movement.

You’ll also need to remove the right side padding on “.padding-section-medium” to achieve the full bleed look.