Issue in clicking on mouse tap interaction for second time


I am working on interaction where I click/tap on a image , there will be youtube video popup. and it will close when I will click on cross button. It works perfectly when I click for the first time . But it doesn’t work for the second time

This is after clicking on the image for first time

This is after I click the image for the second time.

Thanks in advance

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Sarthak's Dynamite Site

From what I can see your element has 2 interactions on it for opening the popup: the first one on the first click and the 2nd one on the second click but they both open your popup. I would remove the 2nd interaction “on 2nd click” and just keep the first one “on first click”.

Also remove the youtube video element in the “close pop-up” interaction that seems to fix it.

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