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Issue image fit „cover“

Issue image fit „cover“

When using this the image „starts“ from the top. Is there a way to adjust this to „center“ as it is possible with background images? See 2 Screenshots. I am using a full screen slider and the customer is presenting his site in his company on a 16:9 screen – the photos are „higher“.

You can use custom code to address this.

Hi Jeff, thank you! To be frank, I don’t know how to do this: If you could help, it would be great.
Do I add to the images “custom attribute”, Name (for example “image_centerd”) and then Value: “object-position: 50% 50%”?

Is this homepage published? If so where?

work is still happening. Here is one page with a slider:

I looked at your page and I have no way to know what you wish for each image. Generally speaking it is best to determine the aspect ratio you wish to display the images as, then crop the images to match the aspect ratio then upload them. Then in your design layout images to match the aspect ratio.

Hi Jeff, i put it in better words again in a new topic ( How to vertically alingn image with new option image "fit" ) and aaron solved it. Thanks again for looking into the issue

Great. Glad you solved your issue with flex. I was working on the assumption that you needed to change the placement of each image independently, thus object-placement. Cheers.