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Issue for the CMS slider, always offset

I’m trying to use CMS for my slider, and also need a dropdown trigger for the whole group.
I make CMS items work now, and everything looks good. But I don’t know why the slider image always offset when I first load it. I need to adjust the browser window one time, then the image can fit the slider mask.

Also, here’s the recorded video to explain what’s the issue I have.

Many thanks!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Cindy_Zheng I have find how to fix it but as I do not have full access to your projects settings you have to figure out why. All is explained in video.

Thanks Stan.

That code you mentioned in the video, is to remove extra slide-nav dots. I try to delete this js code but the slider’s issue still there.

I guess the issue because I use accordion animation on"Dropdown_list". The toggle has hidden “dropdown_content” first (include the CMS slider).

The slider width can’t be adjusted when the “dropdown_content” display.

Does anyone know how to change the setting?

Many thanks!