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Issue finding CMS bindings


I’m having a nightmare trying to tailor the following websites CMS system to match the clients needs.

Something I am attempting to do is get rid of;

And although I have spent about 3 hours going through each page to ensure there is no reference to City, Neighborhood and State, it’s still not allowing me to delete the field from Listings collection (I’ve reached field limits so desperately need to delete these)

Let me know if there is a way of finding and deleting these references and/or if you can find them too!


Here is my public share link:
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Hey @Harry_Hammond,

Are you getting this error when trying to delete these references;

Path not found: /api/v1/collections/588622e9ef9eb8485ac1a6ac/field-usage


No I’m getting this message


Has anyone else found this issue and where it might be easier to find exactly where the field is currently in use as I can’t for the life of me find it!

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Hi @Harry_Hammond, you should be able to delete now the States and Neighborhood fields from the listings collection and I am looking at the City collection now for where those bindings are being used.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks @cyberdave for your time. Where did you find em?!

Hi @Harry_Hammond, well on the first two fields, the site was not completely saved with all bindings removed, i would recommend to do cmd+shift+s in mac (ctrl+shift+s in Windows) to do a full version save after removing bindings to clear those.

I cleared those bindings in cache and now those two fields should delete

On the City reference field, the City reference is used in a couple of conditions on the Listings template, that should be removed:

Once the conditional visibility rules that include the binding to the City reference field are removed, then you should be able to delete the City reference field from listings.

If any issues to delete the collection, let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi I am having the same issue, I need to remove a reference field and is not letting. I have spent over two hours on this. I have removed ALL the bindings from every single page, but I keep getting the same problem.
I need to remove the reference field “Host” from the Events Collection.
Could someone check it out. @Waldo @Brando @PixelGeek