Issue embedding a PanoTour iframe on a site with SSL hosting

I’m having a problem with one of my clients’ sites. We have a panoramic photographer on staff, and often include her virtual tours on client websites as an added feature. We use PanoTour 2.0 to make and export these tours. Usually, we host them on our company server and make them into iframes to embed in other sites. Recently, one of my sites has refused to load the tour while it’s hosted on a site with SSL encryption, but when I host the site without SSL most browsers now tell you to run away screaming. Is there a better way to do this? Or is there a way to force the script to load in the site regardless of the SSL certification?

Here’s the read-only link to my site:

The tour is on the home page at the very bottom, and if you load the webflow-provided staging site it works fine, but on the client’s actual url it shows up as a black or grey box.

I don’t see any panotour at the bottom of Envy Salon. Can you ensure that it’s published?

You can also get your IT team to make your company server support SSL, then modify your iframe source from using http to using https