Issue: duplicating a project never really deletes deleted static assets

Can you guys add a pop up prompting us whether we want to duplicate assets or not? In the last Q&A with Vlad, I’ve realized that you keep a copy of delete assets for version management. Which means if I understand right that when I duplicate a project to save time and then delete the old assets to replace them with new ones, the new client can still access them…?


hey guys thought you might want to comment on this @PixelGeek @vincent

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Thanks, @aaronocampo I know about the wishlist. The reason why I posted here is that if my logic is valid then this should be seen as a kind of a bug report rather than some desired feature. This can possibly get a lot of people in trouble (especially designers, like myself) as I had no idea that the images don’t get deleted when I hit “delete” in asset panel.

Yes it seems you can still access deleted static assets on a duplicate of a site. It’s easy to spot them in the assets list when you click Export code.

It’s a problem when you duplicate a production site, or when you use a template and the dummy template assets will never been deleted.

I don’t fully get why it’s important to keep those assets, as when you duplicate a site, the Backup history isn’t preserved. So any unused asset, or CSS-linked asset, could maybe be deleted. (can’t figure any edge case right now)

Thanks @vincent you’re such an asset for this community! I think this should be quickly addressed by the webflow team because designers can unknowingly cause a lot of damage to a client and webflow could easily and up in a nasty law suit. At best it could be embarrassing for the designer at worse it could be millions of dollars in damage, especially now that GDPR is in place. If I didn’t happen to listen to the youtube video I would have had no clue that this is what is happening…

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Hello @FilipSipos @vincent

In the last Workshop @callmevlad explained a little bit about the reason of the logic behind this. Maybe it’s not what we wanted but at least we can understand why and the best of all is that there’s a way to do it.

Hopefully this helps a bit.

Thanks @aaronocampo both I and @vincent understand why it is the way it is. Webflow has a good reason to do it the way they do. The issue though is that unless you or someone else see the quarterly vid with Vlad they probably do not know that it works this way and that can get a lot of people in a serious trouble. So what I’m proposing here is simple modal that comes up and warns you that the assets are not deleted when you duplicate the site. That’s all.