Issue Collections images

Hi people! I’m trying to find a solution to this weird issue!

The situation is the following:

I have 2 collections, “pinturas” and “paintings”, both have the same fields, one is for the ES site and the other for the EN site. The problem is that when I upload an image, that image is used for both collections, I can’t use different images in the collections.
I thought that maybe the fields being the same could cause this error, I try to change the names, but no, the same thing happens.

what could I be doing wrong?
Thank you for your help!

Hey Ezequiel,

I’m not clear on what the problem is. It sounds like you are trying to find a CMS setup that allows you to separate the text labels for your pages, but share the same images?

I’m going to assume that you have a good reason for making the EN and ES collections separate, and that at least partly it’s because you want a complete separation of those pages for navigation, paths, titles, etc.

In that case if you want to share the images and galleries, just put those in a third collection called Photos, and then you 'll have a Ref from each of your 2 other collections.

Hey Michael, thank you for your answer.
My idea is to have 2 different collections, one collection per language.
So, for English I have the collection “PAINTINGS” and for Spanish I have the collection “PINTURAS”
The problem is that when I upload an image to either of the 2 collections, it is automatically updated in the other. Therefore I am not able to have the image “ciudad-fantasma-1.jpeg” for the collection in Spanish and “ghost-city-1.jpeg” for the collection in English.
I want to have the image with the name that corresponds to each collection, for the collection in English the image with its name in English and for the collection in Spanish, the image with its name in Spanish.

Well, the problem is fixed, but to fix it you need to change something in each image so that it is detected as a new image, it’s not just the name, it must be something else, like the size or something else

I’ve never encountered that- at first I suspected a problem with your collection list setup. But perhaps Webflow Assets uses the unique filenames as an identifier.